What's RESTOCK3D all about?  It's simple.  RESTOCK3D is here to bring you a new experience to the sneaker culture and to ultimately elevate your sneaker collecting game.  Keeping up with the latest drops, collabs, and all things hyped, we are creating a lifestyle that blurs the line between the traditional functionality of sneakers and art/toys that can be utilized in so many different aspects of your life.  
As our name implies, RESTOCK3D stands for the RESTOCK of 3D mini sneakers.  In a society where drops are sold out in seconds or chewed up by bots, we want to make sure that nobody has to take an L ever again on release date.  
Whether you are looking for an alternative to sneaker collecting or if you're simply shopping for a gift, RESTOCK3D has got you covered.  We understand how big the sneaker community has blown up over the last few years, and we'd like to be a part of this community.   We'd like to keep this community RESTOCK3D.